A Fun and Innovative Tool for Helping Children and Families.

A Fun and Innovative Tool for Helping Children and Families.

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Introducing Life@Home®

Developed by Dr. Steve O’Brien, a child psychologist and associate professor with over 20 years of clinical and academic experience, Life@Home is an innovative and powerful tool for a wide range of professionals who seek to better understand children. The Life@Home application enables professionals to view a child’s perception of his or her home environment through a fun, game-like process. Children today are usually skilled and comfortable with technology, which has essentially become their language, and Life@Home makes use of children’s affinity for this new and constantly evolving form of communication.

Life@Home is intended to be a useful supplement to evaluation, therapeutic treatment, treatment planning, and other needs of children who are receiving some form of professional care.  Information obtained from Life@Home can be shared, as deemed appropriate by the professional, with parents, caretakers, educators, and others as needed with the goal of enhancing a child’s overall functioning and well-being.

Featuring Life@Home®

A tablet-based child evaluation tool that takes a contemporary approach to connecting with children and facilitating rapport.  Life@Home™ is for use by children in the presence of a professional with the goal of better understanding a child’s perception of family life.

Life@Home™ App is available for Apple iPads and Android-powered tablets. See how a tablet-based child/family evaluation tool can bring new insight for understanding children and their families.

  • Simple and intuitive design with a game-like quality.
  • Easily create “Scenarios” to evaluate perception.
  • Keep records confidential with built-in lockscreens.
  • Suitable for pre-schoolers on up. (4+)

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Connect with children in a way they understand.

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