About Our Vision

Psych-Touch, LLC, is a new company with a new vision… to provide contemporary tools which integrate psychology and touch-screen technology for understanding and assisting children and the adults in their lives. Psych-Touch products, while very well-suited for use by mental health professionals, are intended for many who work with children. Thus, those in the fields of health care, social work, education, child welfare/advocacy, and family law are likely to find Psych-Touch’s tools an asset in serving the needs of children and families.

Founded by a psychologist with a clinical-developmental focus, Psych-Touch aims to modernize more traditional evaluation and therapeutic tools with a nod to the digital age, while simultaneously making such instruments accessible to a wide range of professionals. Many psychological instruments can only be administered by licensed mental health professionals, and while a reasonable rationale for this exists, this fact limits professionals in other fields who serve children.

Accordingly, Psych-Touch strives to develop instruments which, while psychological in nature, can be administered and interpreted by professionals in mental health and other child-related fields. By broadening the scope of psychologically-minded instruments, and doing so with a technological touch, Psych-Touch aims to assist greater numbers of professionals serving children while enhancing the effectiveness of services through user-friendly and engaging products.

I am excited about the prospect of reaching more professionals who are dedicated to helping children, and am eager to develop more products over time to continue this mission.

– Dr. Steve O’Brien

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