Life@Home Walkthroughs

Life@Home Text Walkthrough

Professionals using Life@Home® will follow these steps:

  1. Enter the child’s name, gender, date of birth, and a reference number.
  2. Tap the child’s entered name, and then tap “Next”. Then tap “Add”, which brings up the initial screen to display to the child.
  3. The child will hear/see the prompt “Let’s make a picture of your life at home”. The child then presses “Go”.
  4. The child is prompted “Who’s first?” The child or professional types the name of a family member, e.g., mom, dad, Billy, etc.
  5. The child is prompted to select 1 of 18 figures without facial expressions.
  6. The child selects a primary and secondary emotion for the family member.
  7. The child continues identifying and selecting family members and emotions by touching “Add a person”. When all family members have been represented, the child taps “That’s everyone”.
  8. The child is now asked “Any pets at home?”. If the child taps “Add a pet”, he/she selects 1 of 6 pet types, assigns the pet a name, and then a primary and secondary emotion. After all pets are created, the child taps “No more pets”.
  9. The child is then asked, “How many bedrooms are in your home?” and selects from 1 to 5 bedrooms.
  10. The child is then prompted to place everyone in the home.
  11. A dollhouse-type floor plan is then displayed to the child. In addition, 4 ‘Other Places’ are available to the child, such as school, grandma’s house, or heaven. Family members can also be placed in these areas.
  12. Once a child taps a room, he/she is then able to add a previously created family member or pet to that room. A new family member or pet can also be added.
  13. Once a member/pet is selected, the child is asked to describe what the figure is doing.
  14. Once an action is typed, the child may now record his/her own voice to make the figure speak. The child may also decide to type or have the professional type thoughts. Finally, the child may elect to do both or none of the above.
  15. Once all family members and pets have been placed in the house and “Other Places”, the child taps “All done”. Three additional questions, each presented one at a time, follow.
  16. The first of these three questions is to choose the weather, i.e., a climate to the left of the house.
  17. The second question is the selection of music, each with a certain emotional tone.
  18. After tapping “All done”, the child is presented with a final prompt, “Anything else you’d like to share?” This allows the child to express any additional thoughts or feelings about the family, which are recorded, as is the house scenario within the application.
  19. The child now sees “Well done! You’ve created your Life@Home®”. The process is now complete.
  20. Life@Home® also allows the professional to type notes about the process, which can be edited later as needed. In addition, children can create multiple house scenarios based on professional needs. For example, professionals can ask children to make an idealized home, or create 2 homes in different environments when parents are separated or divorced. Ultimately, the professional can adapt Life@Home® in a way that best suits the needs of the child.

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